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Kuala Selangor Firefly

This evening tour takes you southwest of the city, travelling through the rural countryside. Reaching Kuala Selangor wetland reserve, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking scenery of the mangrove forests, home to an incredibly nocturnal beetle commonly called firefly. Unlike all other beetles, fireflies have a remarkable ability to produce a synchronous flashing light from their lower abdomen during the night time.


As the sun starts its descent towards the horizon, cruise on a boat upriver and discover the exquisite beauty of these bioluminescent creatures dancing and swaying rhythmically along both sides of the river. Don't miss the chance to see this unusual nighttime phenomenon which is also makes for some interesting photography. Dinner is included


Please note: Like many nature’s great events, the display of the flashing fireflies is influenced by weather conditions. Please also bear in mind that mosquitoes come out more in the evening and at night, so it is essential that you bring along insect repellent

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